The subject of the magazine

The scientific journal “Agrobiotechnologies and digital farming” (hereinafter referred to as Journal) is issued four times a year and publishes original scientific papers on following sciences:

4.1. Agronomy, forestry and water management

4.1.1. General agriculture and crop production (agricultural sciences, biological sciences)

4.1.2. Plant breeding, seed production and biotechnology (agricultural sciences, biological sciences)

4.1.3. Agrochemistry, agro-soil science, plant protection and quarantine (agricultural sciences, biological sciences)

4.1.4. Horticulture, vegetable growing, viticulture and medicinal crops (agricultural sciences, biological sciences)

4.2. Zootechnics and veterinary medicine

4.2.3. Infectious diseases and animal immunology (biological sciences, veterinary sciences)

4.2.4. Private animal science, feeding, technologies for preparing feed and producing livestock products (biological sciences, agricultural sciences)

4.2.5. Breeding, selection, genetics and biotechnology of animals (biological sciences, agricultural sciences


401. Agriculture, forestry, fisheries

402. Animal and dairy science

403. Veterinary science